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Our Philosophy

What is gram Plastic Free Grocer?

Gram Plastic Free Grocer is a plastic-free grocery store in Somerset West offering affordable, high-quality plastic-free products for all categories of daily life.

Our Vision

 To promote conscious consumer behaviour and create awareness about the impact of our consumer habits on the planet. Making plastic-free shopping convenient, affordable, and trendy.

Our Mission

To run a plastic-free store offering quality plastic-free products at affordable prices - making it accessible to all. To strive to have a diverse offering of products to meet customer needs.

Natural and
Local Producers

We pride ourselves in stocking non-GMO, organic, plastic-free and local products helping to support local businesses and the economy.

Buy as Much
as You Need

At Gram, you decide exactly how much you want. We are putting you in control of your own shopping and we'll be here to help when you need us.

We Have One Planet. Lets Love It.

We all have one thing in common - Earth. We have to do our best to protect it for future generations. Shopping here is a good start.

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